1. If you trained your operators, there would be much less product damage.
  2. If you gave me a PM and Tune-up, I’d run a whole lot better and save you money on down time
  3. They make a lot of attachments that would help do my job more safely, efficiently, and in less time.
  4. I get thirsty and as a battery I am the heart of this forklift.  Water me regularly and I will reward you with hours of use. Get me a battery watering system.
  5. You always wait for me to break down when there is an issue.  If you called for service at the first sign, I probably could get through till the service tech comes or you can plan for me to be down rather than me quitting on you mid-shift or mid-load.
  6. That guy from PMT who comes around has some good ideas that would help our efficiency.
  7. I’m tired and lonely.  You work me hard.  A 2nd unit or electric jack would help us and do wonders; and I will last you a lot longer.
  8. Sometimes I can’t see and people don’t know I am coming.  Make sure my backup alarm, headlights, and strobe lights work.  Did you know that PMT can even install REAR facing headlights for when I travel in reverse.  And they have this COOL thing called a ‘blue light.’
  9. Maybe we don't need another forklift, but short term rentals from PMT will help us do inventory and manage big projects.  They even have rent to own.
  10. I know you like to take care of me and I appreciate it.  PMT Forklift carries all the parts you will need to keep me running.
  11. We are growing.  Some racks would let me organize our supplies and products for easy picking.
  12. When it comes time to trade me in, if you keep up with everything I just told you, I will be a lot more valuable for resale or trade in. And though I dread the day you retire me, you are in BETTER than great hands choosing PMT forklift to pick my replacement.