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FORKLIFT BATTERY NEWS! PLUS! Get a new forklift battery starting at $85-149/Month

Let’s face it. Inflation is up.  Cost of doing business is up.  Your business may be still coming out of covid and if not, many of your customers still are. 

And now with the attention on our climate and environment, customers are more than ever looking to go electric for their forklift needs.  We are finding from our New York City and Long Island Forklift Service & Parts customers that a main reason people want to purchase an electric forklift whether it be Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Suffolk, Nassau, Staten Island and Manhattan is the same;   Forklift Battery Life.  During the shutdown, many business’s forklifts and lift trucks were dormant and unused.  This may have caused damage.  And as authorities in forklift battery maintenance, we know that forklift battery maintenance tends to be overlooked for many companies trying to save where they can to get back to normal.  A typical Metro New York Electric Forklift customer can go through 2-3 batteries in the life of their forklift if not properly cared for.

We have been quoting electric forklifts in the Metro New York and Long Island area and we get the same feedback.  Trucks are expensive compared to last year and the delivery time is out.  Customers are having to wait over a year in some cases for their Hilo to be delivered.  The option is to replace the battery you can normally get in 4-8 weeks to get more years out of the current forklift.  We quote the new battery and again, the upfront cost of the battery is a deterrent.  So the customer stays with what they have.  This can cause even more damage to the lift truck as now you are running it with a bad battery flat out you lose productivity as you are having to do forklift battery charging at inopportune times.  Your employees don’t give the battery full charge time in the name of getting work done.  

So what is the solution? PMT Forklift has great options if you need to purchase a new forklift battery.


PMT offers reconditioned batteries.   These batteries have been factory reconditioned and brought back to 70-90% battery life.   That means for instance based on 5 years, an 80% reconditioned battery is has been brought back to the equivalent of a 2 year old battery.  A 70% Battery is the equivalent of a 3 year old battery.  And most of our reconditioned batteries carry a 1-2 year warranty.


You know the term “One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch?”   That holds true for Forklift Batteries.  One bad cell can cause unnecessary drain and stress on the others.   Sometimes the answer is just to have the bad cell(s) replaced.   At the very least, you will get more life out of your battery for a reasonable cost.


Forklift Battery Chargers wear out.  Resistors burn out.  Cables get worn.  Connectors get corroded.  Old charger technology consumes power and perhaps your charger is not putting out enough power to fully charge your battery.  You found a 36 Volt charger on Ebay for your 36V forklift?  Your great deal may be the death of your battery if the charger is not a match power wise for your battery.  Think of your tablet or smartphone that requires a 4AH charger.  Think of what happens when you try to charge it with an old 1.5AH charger.  Takes longer and honestly you probably won’t wait for a full charge.  Now think of your employees doing that with your $9,000 battery.    It is a great idea to have your charger checked out.    


PMT forklift stocks plenty of electric pallet jacks.  Both traditional Plate Batteries as well as lithium ion forklift battery powered.  You can add an electric pallet jack to your fleet and ease the use and wear and tear of your main Forklift while also adding increased productivity with the extra tool.  This saves battery life also.


Did you know you can finance your forklift, hilo, and electric rider or walkie pallet jack battery through PMT Forklift Corp.?

A NEW forklift battery for a 4 wheel sit down electric forklift (class I) can average $8,500.00.  We understand that this can be a cost your company may not be prepared to take on in one shot.  Especially when it is unexpected.  We can finance your lift truck battery through our partnership with DLL De Lage Landen Lift Truck Financing, and Wells Fargo Forklift Financing.

With programs such as 60 month $1 buyout lease for forklifts and Industrial Forklift Batteries, you get the benefits of a lease with the satisfaction of owning the battery at the end. 

How does a new forklift battery for $149 per month sound for a new forklift battery for your sit down forklift or $85 per month for your electric walkie or rider jack battery? 

And many times, the new battery your purchase will fit the next truck you purchase and can be used for that saving you money on the truck purchase when you make it.   Think of it as a head start.

We can finance any battery you purchase such as GNB, Exide, Deka, Douglas, BBI, General forklift and lift truck batteries.  PMT Can provide your battery solution for any brand forklift such as Crown, Raymond, Toyota, Bendi, Drexel, Jungheinrich, Mitsubishi, Linde, Caterpillar, Clark, Nissan, Hyster, Yale, & Big Joe forklifts.  We can cover your need for a Sit down electric forklift battery, Reach truck forklift battery, Order Picker Battery, Electric Pallet Jack battery.

With all that being said, NOTHING will save you more money on your battery and extend its life than proper maintenance.  Don’t forget to download our basic forklift battery maintenance tips form.  That includes checking the water level of your batter weekly and making sure it is properly watered.  PM service on your eq. to make sure it is properly running.   PMT offers accessories such as Forklift Battery Watering systems which make this easier.  We also offer specific recommended yearly forklift battery service where we come in and fully clean out your battery and battery compartment as well as make sure the specific gravity of your battery acid is to spec.

Contact us at 631-661-5050 on Long Island or 718-298-5270 in New York City for more information and have one of our reps come out to speak with you about solutions. 

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